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galatasGalatas is situated on the mainland to the south of the Poros Island. A short crossing by water taxi or car ferry, the water taxi's from the seafront and every 10 minutes, the car ferry departs every 30 minutes from just outside the main part of town. This side of the mainland is very local with few tourists, although it is becoming more popular with new bars and tavernas opening along its front. The shops here are mainly for the locals and so it is slightly cheaper than those on Poros. Along the coast from Galatas is Lemondossos (lemon groves) which is as it's name suggests an area of lemon trees. To the south lies the steep slopes of the mountain where the main crop turns to olive trees. The top of the mountain offers fantastic views of the area and Poros Island and an old German fortress can found here.


Trizina is an old city approximately 10 km West of Galatas. Trizina is named after Troezen, son of Pelops. Pelops, being the mythical hero of the Peloponnese (meaning island of Pelops). Trizina at one time claimed to be the second largest city to Athens and is very much a part of Greek history. In May 1827 it hosted the 3rd National Assembly and Ioannis Capodistrias was elected the first Governor of Greece. Just outside the city can be found several interesting archaeological sites. The oldest are the ruins of the Temple of Hippolytos, built in 300BC. Hippolytos was an ancient god of Troezen. Next to the Temple is the Sanctuary of Asklepion, built in 200 AD. The sanctuary was used to heal the sick and many of the waterways used can still be seen. Just to the North of the sanctuary are the ruins of the old church of Episcopi which was the Cathedral of the diocese of Trizina. On the way to the above sites you can stop at the Devils Bridge and Gorge, where the water was conducted to the sanctuary. Yet another site close by is the Tower of Diatechisma.

Methana A good example of the volcanic action that formed the area, and although boasts of having some archaeological sites the most popular location is the volcano itself. Also popular, to those suffering from rheumatism, are the sulphur baths which you will pass near the harbour on the way into Methana town. However, the characteristic “bad egg” smell may put all but the needy off! To the West of the small strip of land connecting Methana to the Mainland, you will see large salt lakes where several species of migrating birds may be seen. Also, take a look to the East as the road curves round the bay toward the town and you will see one of the largest fish farms in the area.

*Information and map courtesy of Poros Bulletin.

Argos and Nafplio are two cities close to each other 2 hours drive from Galatas. The city of Nafplio which was the first capital city of Greece is situated on the coast and is guarded by a large fortress overlooking the city. The seafront has many tavernas and is an excellent place to take lunch and rest after the 999 steps to the top of the fortress. Small streets are home to interesting little shops that sell a range of items to visitors. The larger city of Argos has many of the larger stores found in Athens and offers excellent shopping. This is the major commercial centre for this part of the Pelopennese.

Nafplion Greece

Athens is only a 1 hour journey from Poros by flying dolphins. From Pireaus Harbour you can take the tube into the heart of Athens for a fantastic day out. Visit the wonder of the Parthenon and all the ancient ruins, take a meal beneath the Acropolis, shop till you drop it's everything a capital city should be. Returning by flying dolphins makes this an easy days trip.

Hydra Island is a real blast from the past, ferries take you direct from Poros in 30 minutes. The first thing you will notice here is the absence of any form of motorised vehicle (apart from the only dust cart) all transport is either foot or for luggage by horse and donkey. The harbour is ringed with cobbled alleys with many interesting shops and tavernas, to go outside of the harbour town you must take a water taxi from the main harbour. No water is found on the island and it has to be bought in by tanker from Galatas, so there is little farming and so the island looks very different from Poros and the mainland.

Epidavros Ancient, amphitheatre located 1 hour from Galatas.

Aegina, Island Closest island to Athens very popular with Athenians due to its proximity. Ferries depart from Poros and the trip takes 1 1/2 hours on the slow ferry and 40 minutes on the flying dolphin.